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nvithia R-forge 512
 nVithia R-Forge 512 Preview


nVithia's new blazing fast 4D chip, the nVithia R-Forge 512, is the successor to the previous nVithia R-Forge 256. Don't let the name deceive you. Even though the suffix is twice as big, its actually got 4 times the number of bits, and we all know more bits means better image quality, performance and realism.


The nVithia R-Forge 512 uses custom tweaked 4 R-Forge 256s to provide 4 times the bandwidth and power for demanding applications. Below are its specifications: - 4 simultaneous R-Forge 256s, each rendering a scan leave dimension in SLD mode. - Support for up to 1.2GB of NLBUSRAM, providing a total memory bandwidth of 15GB/s - Resolution support of up to 4096x4096x2048x96bit (4-dimensional resolution) - Supports all the latest 3D/4D features, including bump-shading, texture glopping, photo-lying, bezier slices, and Wake On LAN features. - 4.6GVexels/s fillrate for incredible performance


The nVithia R-Forge 512 is backwards compatible with whatever the R-Forge 256 supported, and also adds support for Windows H2000.


As you can see, there are 2 connectors in the card. 1 of them is a power supply jack for connection with the external power supply. You think the Doovoo5 chews up volts? You should check this R-Forge 512 out! With its amazing 1.3KW power consumption, it uses more power than most other electrical appliances, and definitely more than what the GPA slot can provide. It uses all this power to fill the bits it provides.


While no specific release timeframe has been announced, we expect this product to be released pretty soon, in order to compete with Maitrox's H2000, which is already on store shelves for the christmas buying season. Be sure to save up for this great buy, because it won't come cheap!

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