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 What's the deal about swinging heatsinks anyway?
Date: 12/13/99, 11:15 EST     By: Krian Upatkoon    

We've gotten a lot of questions from people wondering what's so good about the swinging heatsink compared to normal ones. Well, it's actually quite radical new technology, so there are some problems, but of course in a few months time we should see better improved versions of the swinging heatsink.

As most you know, the swinging heatsink technology was made famous by the AWEMEGA 512 (now succeeded by the AWEMEGA 1024). The first swinging heatsink available was not only loose, but also poorly attached. Create-It quickly released the AWEMEGA 512 Ultra, which included a better version the swinging heatsink. This was where the technology skyrocketed. By letting you swing the heatsink around, you can vary the angle at which heat is conducted, convected and radiated. This is a plus when you have changing weather conditions in your house. Of course, outdated static heatsinks cannot offer this dynamic temperature control, so this should give you a good idea of the benefits of swinging your heatsink.

Today the leader in swinging heatsink production technology is Sweeney© Inc, former leader in thermodynamical physics. They have formed a partnership with Green© to provide the best combination of sinkhinges and powerful heatsinks to cool even the hottest piece of hardware. Newer versions of the swinging heatsink can be swung to a 16-bit angle that actually keeps the heatsink outside of your case! No static heatsink could ever redirect the heat as efficiently away from the source of heat.

We hope you'll give this revolutionary new heatsink technology a try. It really does yield results! Be sure to get one for your AWEMEGA 1024, if you don't already have one!

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