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 Green© Heatsink Review


Green has always produced high quality cooling solutions that cater to their demanding customers. Their past products have always managed to outperfom their competitors in the cooling arena by a noticeable amount, and cost around the same. Their latest product, the Green heatsink maintains their reputation as the best cooling products manufacturer by keeping up their high standards of performance.


The Green heatsink employs a revolutionary new method of metal casting, known as Green casting. This new method of casting is created and patented by Green, and its name comes from the fact that it produces a green exterior that conducts, convects and radiates heat extremely well. This casting method produces microscopic ribs on the surface of the heatsink, increasing the surface area to over three times that of a conventional heatsink! Coupled with the fact that the Green heatsink uses an extremely conductive soft metal alloy, these microscopic ribs actually vibrate when heated, causing convection currents near the heatsink. Because of this, the Green heatsink requires no additional cooling fan for high performance. Of course, it doesn't hurt to add a high RPM Green fan for more cooling power...


This heatsink is rated at 0.013K/W, which means for every watt you throw at it, it takes away the heat so well that there's only a 0.013Kelvin rise in temperature! However, companies can claim all the magical numbers, but how well does it actually perform in the real world? We put it through our labs most intensive test, and below are the results:


The heatsink comes complete with the GreenGlu, another patented thermal conductor paste from Green. This GreenGlu sticks the Green heatsink firmly onto whatever you're trying to cool, and ensures even better heat transfer between the heatsink and the device. However, make sure you're sticking it in the right places though, because the GreenGlu is extremely hard to remove, and is a mess to clean up too.


The Green heatsink is a great, and probably the best heatsink in the market now. If you're looking for the best, Green is what to get. The price is right at a MSRP of $129.95.

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